Specialist Bathroom Cleaner Fresh Breeze


Specialist Bathroom Cleaner Fresh Breeze




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Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free

The Specialist Astonish Bathroom Cleaner makes short work of cleaning the tub, but the rest of the bathroom too! It works by removing soap scum and watermarks to leave a streak-free shine. 

Smells like fresh breeze

Our Specialist Bathroom Cleaner leaves a streak-free shine and is ideal to use on baths, wash basins, taps, glazed ceramic tiles and shower heads. It's an all around bathroom solution that removes soap scum, water marks and limescale with ease. 

The Astonish Specialist range has been developed for specialist cleaning tasks and surfaces. The range contains our best performing products yet, look for the added benefits in the roundel on pack.*

Fully recyclable bottle, cruelty free, vegan & biodegradable

*Versus our everyday bathroom cleaner: +33% increase in natural fruit acid to aid limescale removal.


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