Antibacterial Handwash Milk & Honey


Antibacterial Handwash Milk & Honey




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Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free

Protect + Care in Milk & Honey is our germ-removing handwash developed to remove 99.9% of bacteria, dirt and germs.
For our vegan friends: please be reassured that the fragrance is representative of the product's smell only, no animal by-products have been used.

Smells like rich honey

With a fresh scent and added moisturiser, your hands will be left feeling soft and nourished. Our antibacterial handwash leaves hands hygienically clean and offer all around protection for the whole family! 

With added moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and nourished, all of our handwashes are dermatologically tested to be kind to skin. 

Vegan & Cruelty Free 

Fragrance is representative of the smell of the product only, no animal by-products have been used.


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