Money Saving Tips

Are you looking to save some money this year? 

Save your bank account and utilise the cleaning supplies you may already have in your cupboards!  

Most Astonish products have multiple uses, meaning you can bring a wide range of household items back to life and leave them looking like new. 

Read on for more money-saving tips & hacks. 

Mould & Mildew Blaster

Blast away mould and mildew in minutes - without the need for scrubbing. 

Ideal for use all over the home, our Mould & Mildew Blaster not only removes but prevents the return of mould when used regularly. 

Money-saving tip! Shower curtains are magnets for mould and mildew growth due to the moist conditions of bathrooms. Rather than throwing them away, save your shower curtains with Astonish Mould & Mildew. Simply spray the product onto your shower curtains, leave for a few minutes then wipe away using a sponge or cloth to rid them of mould!

Mould and Mildew Blaster Apple Burst

Fabric Refresher

Bring that ‘just washed’ feeling back to your fabrics. 

Astonish Fabric Refresher is perfect for hard-to-wash items like curtains and carpets. 

With a subtle hibiscus blossom fragrance blended with geranium essential oil, leave your fabrics feeling fresh and smelling incredible. 

Money-saving tip! Save energy and refresh throws and bedding between washes with a quick spritz of Astonish Fabric Refresher to reduce the need for ‘big washes’. 

Fabric Refresher Hibiscus Blossom

All Purpose Descaler

Increase the life span of your favourite electrical appliances. 

Our descaler can be used on kettles, coffee machines, shower heads and steam irons to dissolve limescale, calcium or mineral deposits and leave them in proper working order. 

Money-saving tip! Limescale can increase the time it takes a kettle to boil. Use Astonish descaler every 1-2 months to increase efficiency and help reduce your energy bills.

Specialist All Purpose Descaler

Antibacterial Surface Cleanser

Keep your home hygienically clean. 

With no bleach and no dye, our Antibacterial Surface Cleanser has a delightful pomegranate and raspberry fragrance, making your surfaces smell fresh and fruity whilst doing the hard work of killing 99.9% of bacteria. 

Money-saving tip! Save the planet whilst also saving money. Replace single-use antibacterial wipes with our Antibacterial  Surface Cleanser and get more for your money. Spray onto the surfaces and leave for 5 minutes before wiping away with a cloth.

Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Pomegranate and Raspberry

Bath Soak & Body Wash

An inexpensive way to feel luxurious for just over £2. 

Filled with fresh scents and added moisturiser to help relax your body and nourish your soul, we have a range of options to choose from with Astonish Bath Soaks and Body Washes. 

Money-saving tip! Have a pamper evening for just over £2. Relax in a bubbly bath using our Bath Soak and treat your skin with our Body Washes. Get yourself a good book and your favourite drink and take a little time to yourself. 

Body and Soul Bath Soak and Body Wash

Oxy Active Non Bio Stain Remover

Brighten fabrics and eliminate odours. 

Our Oxy Active Non Bio Stain Remover is the ideal option for eliminating everyday stains from fabrics. Suitable for use in washing machines, handwashing, soaking or as a pre-treatment before washing.   

Money-saving tip! Is your bedding looking past its best?No need to replace it just yet!  Revive your sheets by adding  4tsp of oxy powder to your washing machine drawer or drum and wash with your normal laundry detergent. Enjoy your fresh, stain-free bedding!

Oxy Active Non Bio Stain Remover

Protect + Care Laundry Cleanser

Protect + Care Laundry Cleanser kills 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including coronavirus* on your fabrics and inside the drum.

Refresh smelly gym kit, PE kit and sports bags, or wash your pet's blankets and bedding to remove odour-causing bacteria.

Money-saving tip! Using Protect + Care in the wash allows you to eliminate bacteria at just 20°C, saving on your energy bills.

Protect + Care Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser

Specialist Clean + Revive

Banish stains! Specialist Clean & Revive is a stain remover formulated to restore items to like new.*

Remove tarnishing off cutlery and revive old cups and mugs rather than replacing them by removing tea and coffee stains.

Money-saving tip! Use Clean + Revive on glass or ceramic baking dishes to easily remove baked-on food and save energy instead of using a dishwasher.

*Refer to package instructions before use.

Specialist Clean + Revive

Zesty Lemon Disinfectants

One product, many uses! All of our disinfectants are formulated to clean surfaces all around the home killing 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses including coronavirus.*

Use your Concentrated Disinfectant to make up to 12 litres of Ready to Use Disinfectant! 

Money-saving tip! Dilute our Concentrated Disinfectant with warm water and soak your clothes and sponges overnight to remove bacteria and viruses rather than using your washing machine.

*Complies with EN14476:2013 + A2:2019 standard against enveloped viruses at a dilution of 1 to 20.

Zesty Lemon Disinfectants

The Good One

Save buying multiple cleaning products with our multi-purpose paste! 

Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, The Good One delivers high-performance results throughout your home.*

Use The Good One to clean and restore a huge variety of items in your home, from grubby trainers to tarnished cutlery.

Money-saving tip! Remove scorch stains from the bottom of your pans using The Good One to keep them in tip-top condition for longer.

*Patch test on a small inconspicuous area first.

The Good One